Setting up the USB Flash drive for Anoncoin cold storage

  1. You will need to run Xubuntu from CD or USB. Most people have a little USB lying around so I have set it up based on a USB Install. You will need two USB Flash drives:
    • A min 2 GB USB to setup Xubuntu
    • A minimum 32GB USB to setup Anoncoin wallet USB
    1. You will need at least 2 GB USB drive
    2. Download and install Universal USB creator from here
    3. Run the .exe and select Xubuntu (or alternative – but you will also need to change all the paths later on in the instructions from xubuntu to your chosen ditribution)
    4. After you have installed Xubuntu on the USB drive reboot
    5. During reboot enter esc till you are met with a boot menu
    6. Select Your newly setup Xubuntu USB from the menu
    Insert your 32GB Flash drive USB. Now you are going to setup your anoncoin USB (on your min 32 GB USB)
    1. You should now be inside Xubuntu
    2. Select install Xubuntu from the desktop
    3. Select your minimum 32GB USB and install
    4. Select the right drive
    5. Go through the install
    6. shut down after successful install
    7. Remove the 2GB usb and start booting from the 32GB USB (step 5-7)

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