Running the Anoncoin wallet on a Flash drive USB

I decided to ditch Anoncoin because alternatives such as Litecoin’s Lightning Network seem to be a more formidable option, along with atomic swaps etc. Anoncoin seems to be less attractive.

I am risk averse. Therefore I wanted a wallet that I could take off line (cold storage) and that I could make copies of if necessary.  There are various stages involved that take varying amounts of time. I would suggest you find an area where you are able to leave your computer running overnight as some procedures take hours to complete. Such as the downloading of the blocks (Definition of a block )

Step 1: Setup the Flash USB

Step 2: Install relevant libraries and database

Step 3: Install Anoncoin and I2P

After you have completed these steps you will need to convert your FIAT money into Bitcoin. I used Bittylicious becuase I didn’t need to send passport and driving license information over email. You will then need to use an exchange to convert Bitcoin over to Anoncoin. I used Novaexchange. There are many more, but check the forum to insure you are using an up to date exhcange as you don’t want to lose your ANC coins.

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