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The BBC has launched some great supplementary videos (New videos here). to add to your lessons, with more coming soon.  These are well themed and explain topics such as algorithms in a clean and simplistic way, but are in no way a full package. The resources are out just in time really, if recent articles are to be believed. Rory Cellan-Jones Technology correspondent for the BBC (article) claims many in Primary and secondary schools have very little knowledge with regards to computing and that many will struggle this academic year. My personal opinion is that teachers should have been given more time to train in school. The government should have supported it’s massive push with a trickle down approach as noted by the BCS in it’s supportive documentation for the development of the new Computing Programmes of Study. Start introducing early computing lessons and both teachers and students will be more capable. Throw KS2 students straight in with KS2 content without having been through the basics at KS1 and you can expect some difficulties. The government purports that teachers have had a whole year to prepare. But having been a teacher myself I know too well what the workload is and a “whole year” comment by the governemnt is a bit of an exaggeration.

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