Install Anoncoin and i2p

I decided to ditch Anoncoin because alternatives such as Litecoin’s Lightning Network seem to be a more formidable option, along with atomic swaps etc. Anoncoin seems to be less attractive.

Install Anoncoin


sudo git clone

cd anoncoin

sudo ./

cd depends

sudo make -j`nproc`


The toolchain build will take half an hour or more depending processor and bandwidth and drive speed, when it is over without error, on the prompt line type:

sudo make install


One of the newly created directories is named after the ‘triplet’, for instance x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu, x86_64-w64-mingw32, i686-w64-mingw32, i686-pc-linux-gnu… : remember this as you will need to use it soon.

Now to configure the build of the Anoncoin executables, type the following line with <your triplet name> being the name of the ‘triplet’ directory quoted above (without <>).

cd ..

sudo ./configure –prefix=`pwd`/depends/<your triplet name>

Finally launch the build while still in the /anoncoin/ directory:

sudo make -j`nproc`

See below to recover the compiled binaries.


You now have built src/anoncoind, src/anoncoin-cli and maybe src/qt/anoncoin-qtc.

Enter this:



Copy the rpc username and password somewhere for later (copy into writer or mousepad etc)

The executables are quite big because they are built with GCC and you can strip the debug symbols, which reduces the executable size by about 90%.

strip src/anoncoind

strip src/anoncoin-cli

strip src/qt/anoncoin-qtc



Anoncoind and anoncoin-cli will have been created in anoncoin/src folder. To run it the first time, with no previous datadir (if it exists from a previous version please remove everything in ~/.anoncoin but not wallet.dat).

mkdir ~/.anoncoin (ignore the error and move on) 

Now copy the contents of this page by opening the browser and highlighting the text and copying it from here

Go back to the terminal

sudo nano ~/.anoncoin/anoncoin.conf

Paste the contents (shift + ctrl + V) and change the username and password (look for the words rpcuser=anoncoinrpc and under it rpcpassword=**********) to that of which you were told when you ran anoncoind earlier (scroll up the termial window to copy it or copy it from where you saved it earlier)

In anoncoin.conf, change rpcuser, rpcpassword

For clearnet-only comment onlynet=i2p and in i2p.options set enabled=0

For I2P-only uncomment onlynet=i2p and in i2p.options set enabled=1

For I2P and clearnet (mixed mode) comment onlynet=i2p and in i2p.options set enabled=1

For I2P router configuration and settings check


If there are failure  errors or you are runing a 32 bit system  and receive errors check this site


Download the bootstrap file

Then download the bootsrap file to speed up the build of the blockchain

Follow instructions here

Then after carrying out the above carry out the following

Go to download area where the bootstrap download is

Unzip it

Then copy the contents of the bootstrap folder to the ~/.Anoncoin directory ( or you’ll have to wait for it to download over 3 years of blocks (More than 3 days for me)

cp /media/YOUR USERNAME/YOUR DOWNLOAD STORAGE AREA/bootstrap/bootstrap.dat.sig ~/.anoncoin

cp /media/USERNAME/YOUR STORAGE AREA/bootstrap/bootstrap.dat.checksums ~/.anoncoin

cp /media/USERNAME/YOUR STORAGE AREA/bootstrap/bootstrap.dat ~/.anoncoin


Now start the wallet again:



It will take at least 5 hours to import the bootstrap file blocks into the wallet. You should see the Anoncoin splash screen open up.  The wallet will open and on the bottom left it will say 3 years out of sync. It will state “importing blocks”. The next day it will be ready



To allow anoncoin-qtc to be executable from any directory, you can copy it to usr/local/bin:


cd anoncoin/src/qt

sudo cp anoncoin-qtc /usr/local/bin

On first execution, if the directory /home/username/.anoncoin/ contained a blockchain from a previously installed version, executeor If error database or wallet.dat error try

sudo anoncoin-qtc -reindex

Install i2pd

Go to the terminal

sudo apt-get install libboost-dev libboost-filesystem-dev libboost-program-options-dev libboost-regex-dev libcrypto++-dev libboost-date-time-dev

Now follow the directions from here



Adding the PPA via the command line and installing I2P
  1. Open a terminal and enter:
    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p
    This command will add the PPA to /etc/apt/sources.list.d and fetch the gpg key that the repository has been signed with. The GPG key ensures that the packages have not been tampered with since being built.
  2. Notify your package manager of the new PPA by entering:
    sudo apt-get update
    This command will retrieve the latest list of software from each repository that is enabled on your system, including the I2P PPA that was added with the earlier command.
  3. You are now ready to install I2P!
    sudo apt-get install i2p


Go to Settings

Software and updates and install synaptic software manager

Go to System

Open Synaptic manager

Once Synaptic opens, select Repositories from the Settings menu.

  • Click the Other Sources tab and click Add. Paste ppa:i2p-maintainers/i2p into the APT-line field and click Add Source. Click the Close button then Reload.



Now run the i2pd

“i2prouter start”

(For a visual demonstration of the steps go to and skip down you see : “Click on the Top left I2P logo then on “I2P Services“”

Start “SAM application bridge”, check “run on startup” and click on “Save client configuration”.

Now run the wallet client


If it says “running on clearnet” you need to make the relevant changes to anoncoin.conf as mentioned above.

Making changes to your browser


Now you need to run the i2p on the browser so that traffic is private or to use exchange i2p.


Go to

Firefox > Options > Advanced > Network > Settings

Manual Proxy Configuration > Host IP address:  (Enter)

Port: 4444


If you want to resort back to a speedier non proxy service, then just follow the Firefox options above and enable No Proxy



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